Evaluation & Cleaning


Evaluation saves you time and money. Graders, like PSA, prefer specific grading aspects of the cards they receive, and submitter's often gloss over these important aspects. Submitting thousands of cards each year to PSA, our grading staff is intently seasoned in evaluating for these important grading aspects during this process. To ensure optimal assessment of each card, Phantom CEO, Tyler, reviews the grading staff evaluation before submission. Tyler is one of the few approved PSA dealers in the nation, and the only PSA dealer in the state of Arkansas.

During evaluation of ultra modern cards (2015 to present) of normal thickness, our grading staff evaluates each card for faults and deformities which would hinder the card from obtaining a PSA grade of 9 or 10. If our staff concludes the card will grade lower than the minimum evaluation grade you provide in the grading form, we will not submit it and you will not be charged for that card. 


Cleaning provides a higher likelihood of the best possible grade, plain and simple. We pay special attention to details that PSA prefers in card presentation. We clean each card with delicate microfiber cloth and place each in protective card saver slips, preventing scratches and wear and tear during the shipping process. Our staff takes due care to ensure each card is in the best possible shape when it arrives at PSA.

*We do NOT alter cards in any shape or form.
*Phantom's evaluation is opinion and does not guarantee the PSA grade outcome.